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Discussion on: What is a project, you are really proud of?

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Raul • Edited
  1. rilis, it shows the latest releases of the artists you follow on Spotify
  2. Vue and Vuex, SCSS
  3. It is a personal project, I hate that Spotify doesn't show you all the releases of the artists you follow in chronological order, so I made this thing
  4. Yes, but no, but yes.

There are no recent commits, but I'm always trying to make a second version, even tho it's hard to make something look good while having to show so many things 😱
The fetch is so freaking slow because the APIs give you a list of 50 songs per artist/page that are not even in chronological order, and you get rate limited almost always as well...

Why am I proud of this piece of garbage? It was the first serious thing that I did in Vue (and there are some obvious errors), and it kinda got me a job after dropping out of college 👀

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mayank joshi Author

I gotta use to stay updated with my fav. Artist.

Going to try it now😊

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