How I stay productive in a big project

Maciek Chmura on December 18, 2018

...and not get lost on the way. Problem For almost a year I've been a part of a big and mature JavaScript project. No frameworks. Jus... [Read Full]
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Wow, yes or yes I'm going to apply these tips, specially the diff file. I just would like to remember that git stash save is deprecated and now you have to use git stash push instead.


Liked personalized comments. I discourage people from using git stash. It's equally easy to create local branches. Cleaner approach and provides more flexibility in terms of rebasing on top of latest changes after a pull. With that, we can get rid of diff patches as well.


Nice tip, thanks :) I will test it with new bug.


I do the same thing with # @abhnv:. I also add a colon after my nickname. Otherwise it could mean that it was addressed to me.


How do you remember that you have git stashed something if it wasn't immediately used?


Inside VSCode, in Gitlens I can see all saved stashes. Inside a single stash entry, I have all modified files. Here I can just click a file to see the diff.

Just by browsing the entries in the stash I can remember what it was about.
Can this be helpful?


Nice recommendations, I will try using got stash and good plugin, thanks for sharing!

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