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Discussion on: I'm An Impostor

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Mackenzie • Edited on

I think of doubt as a normal thing everyone experiences and imposter syndrome as a thing that comes from having others belittle your skills over and over. The term was created specifically to talk about women's experiences because it's a product of misogyny.


  • If it arises from entirely internal factors, it's just plain old doubt.
  • If it's based on external factors (eg other people always wanting a second opinion because they don't trust your opinions), it's impostor syndrome.
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Jordan Brennan

I have had my opinions ignored and debated by others countless times. I can accept my piece of humble pie and move on or I can look for reasons why people aren’t treating me like the center of the universe.

I have also:
Been passed up for promotion.
Had a bonus reduced.
Rejected for jobs I was 100% perfect for (or at least I thought I was).
Lost my job.
Been at a dead end job.
Sucked at my first job - big time!
Bored to death at another job.
Surrounded by people I don’t relate to (and at more than one company too).

And on and on the external factors go. All these things make me go, “Geez, I don’t know...maybe I’m not as smart as I need to be. Maybe I’m in over my head. Maybe I should start gaming so I fit in more.”

Those are called doubts. Everyone gets them and they come from all kinds of places and people. We can choose to just move on and grow or we can dwell on them and stagnate while we wait for others to fix it.