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Hy . Just some thoughts

Greater p font size .

On mobile landscape and desktop 16 px it's too small.

Each h3 tags subtitle (foto) under {How Endtest work} should contain a link to a documentation page where further details provided for specific action (image)

Make it a link( all caps )? Page header is purple , icons pink , chat icon blue... link color shoud be ?????

Schedule tests -> goes to page ->schedule automatic tests with Endtest

Since were mentioned on home page would be a good idea to highlight and enforce each aspect fast .

Some small text changes

To help organizations-> to help your company (organization )
Our technology empowers -> Endtest technology empowers (do not change to first person here it's about Focusing on ( the reader and the Endtest as company) not yourself )

The slider below { how Endtest works } looks better (on mobile) with images stacked vertically.

Implies the full user attention on content and he gets all info from scrolling , not distracted by clicking 8 times to reveal the info
This will help implementing other feature(s) like get scroll lenght to see how far a user scrolled into the page
And Kept his interest .
If not reaching the page footer then info provided on the page is not usefull for that user ?

There is some ajax requests(external) on reaching the page footer but fires every time reaching the footer . ?