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Don't Let The Lies Of Imposter Syndrome Get To You

Ayan S
Developer. Designer. Maker
・1 min read

Being a developer and coder for years, I recently realized that it's okay to use no code solutions for things I'm not as familiar with

It's NOT cheating if you use templates or easier solutions, it's just being productive

In fact it opens up a whole new area of possibilities that you never knew existed.

You'll be able to build quicker and be more productive as you'll be able to finish projects faster. And at the end of the development journey, the thing that you'll have would be the thing that YOU built

So, don't let the lies of imposter syndrome get to you!

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joaomcteixeira profile image
João M.C. Teixeira

Indeed. I always try to define protocols or recipes so to speak. These are always evolving also. But with time, one really gets the patterns inside one's head and development starts to flow. Having little side projects were you can test and learn new concepts is also very fruitful.