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Notion or Airtable for database and research based products?

Ayan S
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Both of these are great solutions for providing values, and access to their links can be shared on platforms such as Gumroad, making them a good choice when it comes to sharing results of research.

I'm currently working on a database regarding marketing to help devs and hackers get their product out there to the audience that would be suitable for them.

And right now I'm debating over which of the two would work best. I've seen several examples of both of them being used for these kinds of products and both solutions have proven to be successful.

Here are a few examples of such products,

These are resources based on data that's been researched and collected and are useful to developers in their journey.

One of them is Notion while the other is in Airtable.

So if you wanted resources such as these, which one would you go for? Or which one would you want to see such a resource in that you'd be more familiar with?

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sonu sharma • Edited

Have you tried Nodezap , it can be used to create Admin Panels. It has variety of charts and widgets to choose from. You can write your own CRUD logic to manipulate data. It will also let you fetch data from the external resources using REST api.