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Discussion on: Choosing PHP in 2018

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mahendra choudhary

I have been writing code in PHP from last 4 years and currently working with ruby(rails) and python .One thing I would like to say about PHP is it gave programmers a freedom to accomplish certain task in there own way. It is not bound by certains rules .Embedding PHP into html is breeze as comparing to rails and django .

If I talk about speed of execution of code PHP7 done great job with this and in most of the cases speed won't matter .

Most I love about PHP is its oop , class-autoloading features .

PHP docs are one of best around the web as compare to the other languages .

Today , a one can deploy a PHP app easily in one click .

For sure , rise of javascript challenged PHP in recent years and why not javascript evolved rapidly .

I am little disappointed that PHP is not evolving as fast other language s , but I am sure with realese of new version PHP8 , PHP will again rises . I hope to see native support for no-sql databases , and more compatible to build real time apps using PHP