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re: Just a note, most Linux distros have a wayyyyyyy old version of node in their repositories. Iā€™d recommend using node vsersion manager: 1) github.c...

Recently I am testing how to install Node on one of my friends Kimsufi server. So I am sure your instructions are handy. I was not aware of the CURL option to download and install. I only learned that it was not debian linux so I failed with apt-get command. I am wonder how can you find out Linux type and version from the command prompt. I mean to either use yum or apt-get, how to find out which works?


Well to find out what distribution of Linux you're running you can run this command: cat /etc/*-release and you should get an output like so:

From this you can search in whatever search engine you like: How to install package on ${DISTRIB_ID} and see what comes up :)

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