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Discussion on: Java is Dead - Long Live Java

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Mahesh K

Java will be still forced on us by those dinosaurs people who have industry experience of 20 years or so. They don't care about new changes in tech. They continue to put the govt and top 500 MNCs under java. And god, I would rather play with npm breaking all day than wasting my system resources trying to set things up with java. No thanks. Even in 2019 with 16GB RAM, Eclipse is slow on macbook and also on Windows 10 laptop. Give 100GB RAM and Java promises you to slow things down. Java is not dead. But please atleast put her in retirement home now.

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Jan Wedel Author

Wow, I can sense a lot of frustration from your comment. I actually don't know where you are working or where your experiences comes from but it sounds pretty bad.

I can only speak from my experiences, but most Java developers I personally know are young, smart, motivated and care a lot about changes in tech.

So I think you should not blame Java for your bad experience.

Regarding the IDE's, you can use any IDE or even an editor to code. No one forces you to (And if someone does, it's probably bad leadership). IntelliJ and certainly also Eclipse are very powerful tools. That requires a lot of RAM. So if you don't need all those features, go and use vim, emacs, VSCode or whatever you like.

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Sergiy Yevtushenko

Bad programs can be written in any language. And Java is not an exception. But it's also possible to write fast and efficient apps in Java.
So if your saw slow and bloated apps, it's not Java to blame. Usually behind such apps one can find two things:

  • slow, bloated, but very popular and widely used "safe choice" frameworks.
  • young programmers, who learned only couple popular frameworks to be "in trend" and get first job quickly.

Such combination can produce artefacts of unlimited size with infinite resource consumption.
But, again, Java has nothing to do with that. Same issue can be found in projects written in other languages.

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Jan Wedel Author

Very well put!

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I would rather play with npm breaking all day

I would rather finish my job, deliver value to my clients and go home on time, thank you.

I may be a dinosaur, but I'm appalled by how you can be hacked because your dependency management system can execute code instead of just downloading it. The Java ecosystem solved the dependency problem 15 years ago, and it is much much harder to publish malicious code with it.

And if Eclipse is slow on your macbook with 16Gb... that's strange, because I used it for years on 3-to-5 yr old Pros and Airs with that and lower specs and never had a problem. You should probably invest on an SSD, it'll do wonders for your work. Now I have Win10 both at work and at home, and the difference between SSD (work) and magnetic (home) is abyssal, even if the CPU specs and the equipment age are very close.

Have fun with whatever stack you choose 😁