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Welcome to the Android Development world πŸ˜„. Are you using Kotlin or Java? If you started with Java, it's a great way to start! But I will suggest you learn Kotlin too. You probably want to check these topics, since I don't know what do you mean by basics you can remove from the list what you already know.

  • Network calls with Retrofit.
  • OkHttp interceptors.
  • Storing information in the database.
  • Android Architecture Components (Room, Livedata, Navigation, WorkManager...)
  • Notifications
  • Services
  • Firebase (Authentication using Firebase, Notifications with Firebase, Storing data using Firebase, DynamicLinks).
  • Build Variants.
  • Proguard.
  • Testing with Espresso.
  • Animations.

Good topics to read even if there are not specifically for Android:

  • Solid Principles.
  • Clean Architecture.
  • Reactive Programming.
  • Dependency injection.
  • TDD (Test Driven Development).

There are a lot of things to learn! So do it at your own pace πŸ˜„.


Android Development course with Kotlin in Udacity

Android Codelabs


Thanks for the resources! I will definitely learn Kotlin but can you tell prerequisites for learning ?


I guess it depends what/how much you've covered so far and how confident you feel with it? Like have you experimented with notifications, scheduled jobs, widgets...? Or on the other side of things, build variants, proguard, deployment to play store? Maybe some of these could be options depending where you're at and what you fancy πŸ™‚


I haven't done with things yet. I should workon these. πŸ€”


All good options! Notifications might be a fun one to start with πŸ™‚

Another idea would be hooking a project up to a Firebase database - the docs have lots of good walkthroughs. Firebase also has a notification service, so could be something to move onto afterwards too!

Have fun!

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