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Discussion on: English in the programming world

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Mahmoud Ibn Samy

hi Wojciech, I hope you are having a good day.
I'm just like you, as an Egyptian I know a little English. But someone told me that the most important thing is to understand and to be understood.
Actually, I believe that this mindset helped me a lot to deal with speaking English.
Also, apps like Google translate or Grammarly are helpful methods to improve your communication.
Hope you the best.

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Wojciech Dasiukiewicz Author

Yep, when I was at school we had two guests from Brazil. They were traveling around the world to exchange knowledge about countries. But the most important thing that they say to me was "Everyone has a problem with English. Nobody cares how you speak if they can understand you". But for me now speaking in English is very stressful because I don't use it every day (in speaking). So this is why my Instagram is now in English. I create content for programmers globally because I use English :) Now I'm translating my website and blog posts. The best in that is you can really create something for people from all around the World. Very motivating.

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Liam A.

As a native English speaker I agree with everything that has been said. If I can understand someone then I'm not going to get mad. If I don't understand someone, I won't get mad but I might get a bit frustrated. It is interesting that English is so predominant on the internet.

But yes, you also seem to have great English. Side note: do people usually spell you city "Cracow" or "Krakow"? Because I've seen both.