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Website Redesign in Early 2021: Reasons, Benefits, Tips, and Cost

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Is your website getting enough attention?

Are you able to make the charts for targets and goals, especially those that relate to your website?

Most probably, No.

Care to know, why?

One reason is that you do not have a good website.

The term “Good” here can take a lot of different connotations. Some of them are:

  • Bad SEO
  • Dull Design
  • Incongruous layout
  • 404 errors
  • Broken links
  • Sub-standard copywriting

The list goes on.

But, all of these roads lead to one destination – Revamping the Website.

And the second most important thing is the website redesign cost.

This is what we will discuss in this guide today.

This guide helps us educate and aware our clients understand the development and designing nuances with a better perspective.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

What is Website Redesign?

You will get a ton of reasons to build or revamp a website.

But one of the most substantial reasons is

Customers are Expecting it.

We can delve into the details and take a diversion towards the numbers game.

But, this simple reason is strong enough to nip the antagonist type of debate.

And the website redesign price also matters to a great extent towards the success of the project.

Redoing your website means that you are either modifying the existing functions or recreating some aspects from scratch.

The latter is the case when the answer to how much does it cost to redesign a website is more than building a new one.

Types of Website Redesign and Cost

Within the purview of the website revamp cost, we cannot limit the entire process to a single procedure.

The redesigning structure can change according to essential requirements. In other words, what is lacking?

So, depending on this aspect, there are four types of website design, and the average cost for them also differs.


The name says it all.

Redecorating a site involves doing minor to major touchups to the design and the layout.

From changing the colors to the logo, adding images, sliders, carousels, videos, etc.

If you have not earlier, do consider including the concepts of color psychology.

Since it is a simple redecoration, the cost won’t be high.
However, the website redesign cost may depend on the person you choose for the work.


Moving on with how much does it cost for you to redesign a website.
Rewiring it includes updating the backend services.

It ensures that your site’s performance is always off the charts by using the latest technologies.

A simple example can be switching the systems to cloud for better accessibility and security.

How much does it cost to redesign a website, specifically for rewiring?
The cost here will be higher than the redecoration part.

This is because you might have to spend on subscriptions, migration plans, and other techy stuff.


Remodeling is the fusion of rewiring and redecoration.
Here, you should aim to enhance the functioning, decoration and update the entire back-end system.

This kind of exercise will take time and more resources.

But at the end of it, you can expect to fulfill the unmet goals and objectives.

Be it getting traffic, improving the CTR, or anything else.

Remodeling involves both creativity and technical expertise.

So, you might want to contact you design guy, backend developer, and tech expert.

The average cost of website redesign is high here, no doubt.
But, the more you spend, the returns will be equally better.

With such exercise, it also depends on the level of efficiency.

Low-quality works will only increase the website revamping cost and still foster no results.


Everything except for some part (not mandatory) happens from scratch.

This is like you marry a different person, but still want some qualities of your old partner in the new one.

This kind of exercise is requisite when you are undergoing a rebranding exercise.

The cost to redesign the website is as high as you would spend to build a new site.

So, the question here changes to how much does it cost to revamp a website from scratch?

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