Type of music you listen to when coding?

Manuel Blanco on September 23, 2019

I have found that some types of music really gets me into the flow zone, but others just distract me easily. I have made this playlist: Meta tha... [Read Full]
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I listen to several subgenres of heavy metal. I have a few hundred albums on my phone (and a few thousands at home). I haven't bothered setting up a turntable at work yet. :)

I've had a heavy metal music review web site for just over 20 years (it turned 20 on September 18), so I get a lot of advanced promos from record labels and independent bands, so I'm almost always listening to that stuff. I guess some people might be wondering what's going on with my head movements at times. :D


That would be cool. To have music before no one has. From this side of the shore, mortals enjoy Today Top hits on Spotify haha


It was cool for a while. Nowadays even small labels use mp3 promo services such as Haulix to distribute promos cheaply, so the sheer number per week is more than any human can handle. I guess in a way it's a nice problem to have, but it does make reviewing everything I get impossible. Sometimes I just delete the e-mails without looking because there's no point getting more.

You'll never see me get anywhere near Top Hits. Except maybe if I lived in Finland where heavy metal is king. :)


I usually listen to ChillHop playlists during coding sessions. Nujabes' music really puts me in the zone.

Other times some white noise generator like Noisly works for me too or just put on headphones without music so people don't distract me :)


I love Chillhop 😍! I also like Lofi Hip Hop and Jazz Hip Hop. My favorite ♥ youtube channel that plays that kind of music has this girl writing with a cat on the window.


I have found, that when I really want to concentrate and can't with my regular songs. I look for alpha waves music on Youtube and in a couple of minutes, I'm into the zone.

You should try it out :)


I really like R.E.M. but the u2 station on Amazon music is the best.


80% of the time I listen Dark PsyTrance (Axial Tilt, AJJA). Music without vocals is better for me...
Other 20% I mix nu metal (Korn, Slipknot, Coal Chambers) and punk music.


I just have my big list of songs on Spotify I shuffle if I'm feeling music. Typically however, I'm listening to a podcast.


Podcasts? People talking all the time doesn't distract you?

For me, I would get caught up into the conversation and make no code at all hahaha


I don't know, I guess I'm good at drowning it out. My typical setup is code & preview on one monitor, YouTube/some video on the other.

Even in irl you'll usually catch me with one earbud in listening to something else


I tried podcasts a while back and that just didn't work for me - not so much that they were distracting as I ended up not really listening, so not much point in keeping that up. A couple of my coworkers have no problem working while listening to them and actually following what's being said.


I'd usually just listen what I listen to when I'm also not coding: Mostly Jazz and funk, including the awesome band Vulfpeck.

It's either instrumental or in English, which is not my mother tongue (an important detail when I don't want music to get my focus)

(Yes, I posted this mostly to mention Vulfpeck)


There is this playlist created by the people at freecodecamp, Code Radio. It doesn't have commercials and works 24/7.


Yeah I have tried that one. But without the possibility to pass to the next song it distracts me more that I want to. That's why I don't use it, though some songs are really good

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