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Discussion on: I Spent the Last Year Writing a Book About Software: Here's How I Did It (and What I Learned Along the Way)

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Mandi Wise Author

Hi Davide,

Big disclaimer: this does not work 100% yet (there are some instances where the highlighting falls apart, particularly when things get deeply nested). But this is what I managed to adapt from the fcurella/jsx-lexer:

It's on my long-term to-do list to completely rewrite this lexer from the ground-up, but I don't have the bandwidth for it at the moment.

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Davide Barranca

Hi Mandi,
so nice of you to share this. I've touched it just ever slightly to allow the use of dashes in the component name (e.g. <sp-button>), I've forked your gist here:
Thanks again!

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