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re: I already did it. I have production web apps that uses my own tools with almost zero dependencies, just some 3rd party helper components (front end...

2/3rds of the internet did not go down. Nothing serious happened at all.

Leftpad was a rather useless package that was included in some other major packages and caused many automated builds to break. No working code was affected and no competent team was using that package directly in their apps in the first place. The underlying was actually about NPM being a poorly designed system that allowed packages to be completely removed in the first place.

If anything, the incident was a good call for better dependency management in the JS community to avoid dependency sprawl and highlighted how important it is to bring a real standard library to the language.

Nothing serious happened at all.

the incident was a good call for better dependency management

Wait I thought nothing serious happened at all?

The entire event was serious and highlighted some major flaws in the way we handle dependencies. You're right, I agree.

I never claimed to have experience in writing JS libraries or frameworks

Please, contribute, but perhaps refrain from comments like "simple: don't do that thing!" Maybe you can see how this could be annoying to some of us.


Write and use your own framework and then build a web app with it. A web app that does something

Of course you realize that every framework out there originated as someone's pet project, someone unsatisfied with existing frameworks, and with a different set of problems to solve.

So yeah, I would absolutely encourage anyone to build what they need. And maybe that's not a huge one-size-fits-all "framework", but a simple set of modules, tailor made for their specific needs.

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