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Discussion on: Go vs .NET Core in terms of HTTP performance

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Mani Gandham • Edited on

The .NET compilation mode is different from the environment mode it runs in. Environments are just names and can be set to anything, like "production" or "dev-1234", and then easily checked within the app to load up the appropriate settings (like connection strings) or enable certain features. It's a really nice built-in system for organizing configs and operation.

The compile flag for Release or Debug is used by the compiler to actually build binaries using different settings like optimizing code and including debug symbols. The .NET devs are all telling you about the differences here because you didn't understand it, and adding an arrogant paragraph about it doesn't help your case. (Edit: looks like that paragraph has been removed now).

Regardless, it's fine if you want to show off your web framework but these benchmarks are rarely useful since it's highly unlikely you have anywhere close to the functionality offered by the ASP.NET MVC framework.