Discussion on: Have you ever struggled with imposter syndrome? 👽

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manish srivastava

I am chemical engineer passed out in 2005. Then, I joined government of India undertaking and appointed as head of credit for food and agro industries. After, nine years , I quiet that job to start my own venture .

Today , I own three companies- electronic, IT and infra. I love IT most.

I thought I won't be able to code ever. I started learning online from youtube etc .

Today, I know php fairly. My next learning is going to be python.

My business is also into cloud computing consultation. I learnt cloud.

I believe no one suffers from syndrome. The only thing is " every journey start with single step". Whenever, I think I can't do.... I take my first step. Even if don't reach the destination, I will atleast know the way of destination.