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Discussion on: JavaScript is DEAD 💀

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When I first started using TS, I DID find it as an obstacle - because I was writing code that I knew would work, but TS was putting on the breaks with those squiggly red lines .

I realise now that it was my lack of understanding TS AND JS that was making life difficult for me. I had got used to bad practices that didn't play well with TS.

Fast forward 2 years and I can say TS has had a big part to play in making me a better developer. Also, whenever I go back to vanilla JS, it strikes me as crazy that I can do whatever I want, with no errors (until runtime)! Use a variable that hasn't been defined? Sure! Call a function with whatever params? Sure! Don't get any intellisense or autocompletes, and have to refer to the documentation every 5 mins? Sure!

Oh how I love TS <3