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re: Getting a job with a caveman English level. VIEW POST


Hi there,

I am also from Argentina, I never studied English apart from school, I have learned at work because most of the clients were from English speaking countries.

Regarding your question, I think it is possible. My English level was never perfect and two years ago I managed to get a job in The Netherlands (Amsterdam).

After two years here I learned and improved a lot, and now I feel comfortable in most of the situations.

But I would, if you find something, just go for it, do not let your English level stop you!

Feel free to reach me if I can help you with something.


Hi Manuel, I'm currently in Australia trying luck as we say. At the moment I'm working as a freelancer and looking for something more stable. I am definitely interested in stay in touch with you! I have been in the Netherlands and it's awesome.

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