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I'm working on a little open source project about mailto links. It's called mailgo (https://mailgo.js.org). Instead of the classic behaviour of the mailto links, the idea is to show a modal with more possibilities for the user, for example to copy immediately the email address. It' WIP but on the website you can see a working demo.

What do you think about? Suggestions?

If you like it, star the repo on GitHub https://github.com/manzinello/mailgo, thank you!

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As @ben suspected, I'm a big fan! Nothing grinds my gears quite like hitting an unexpected mailto: link and then having my computer slow to a crawl as my default email client opens.

On the UI, I might update:
open - to - open default client
copy - to - copy email address

Just to make things extra clear.

Starred on GitHub and look forward to following along!


thank you! And thank you for your suggestions!


Hi, not to put you down on this but there was already a company that launched the same program you're doing a week or two ago on product hunt and I use it on my site. You can check them out here.



I know it! There are more than one other solutions for the mailto behaviour! I've started this project because I was developing it for my personal website on my own and later I have decided to make a separate open source project.

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