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Hi all!

I am Marko, an enthusiast of Google Apps Script (and anything related to Google APIs) and now diving full-body into PWAs' wonderland!

By now I am a freelance programmer in my spare time, a paid hobby since I make by times some projects for enterprises and no-profit, but is many years I am thinking (read: dreaming) to become a full-time developer.

But I am rather hesitant (read: scared) to do "the jump" because I have economical responsibility on my family and I have an inferiority complex to real developers since I have no formal education, almost all self-taught, forged in stackoverflow.

Here is a PWA project I created lately and mantain for a latvian no-profit . I would be glad to know your comments about it, and avid for suggestions (employers: I'm all yours!).

Thanks for, I discovered this awesome community only lately, but is becoming a regular source of tasty knowledge!

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