Discussion on: Why do we have more male applicants than female ones?

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Maria Michou Author

Hi simonhaisz, thanks for your response!

Well, let's just say you covered a lot of my thinking in my decision making process when I'm searching for a job. I'd like to believe (maybe I'm naive), that wherever I go, I will be treated like a human being (and not like a unicorn, because I'm a developer and not an assistant or an HR or whatever).
Although I'm not looking at the company's website to find the percentage of women that work there, I can see this can be more appealing to a junior dev. On the other hand, I personally would be more keen on choosing a particular position, if I were to be interviewed (in addition to male) by female developers in higher positions, too. That would definitely matter as we people, when being in an unknown environment, tend to feel more comfortable with other people we can relate to. That's biology.

Culture is an important aspect. I strongly believe that the company's culture is more important than your own, meaning, that you can come from a different background, but when the company's (good) culture (a non sexist one of course, and yes women can be sexist too) is forced upon you, then this can be a safe and perfect environment for any developer, in equal grounds.

At my current company we used to be few women (at various roles, unfortunately few developers), but now we are getting more and more, which makes me hopeful.