Overcome Challenges: From Withdrawal to an A in Data Structures and Algorithms in C++

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This post was initially a Twitter thread!

It costed ~$8,000 for tuition & 9 months of study to complete 2nd Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science w/ a 3.912 GPA in 2019 at Central Methodist University (CMU) — already had 152 transfer credits for 1st degree in Accounting at Kent State University (KSU). NO, you do not need a degree to work in tech, but it’s an accomplishment within my journey.
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During my studies at Central Methodist University (CMU), withdrew from Data Structures & Algorithms in C++ during first week of the 2nd quarter because it was initially difficult ass fuck to pick up the concepts.

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I challenged myself to prepare for the class before the 3rd quarter by practicing problems on Geeks for Geeks. By the next quarter, I was able to aced the Data Structures & Algorithms in C++ course and made Dean’s List (enrolled full-time) due to consistent hard work!
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Throughout your career, finances, education, life, etc, you will come across numerous challenges and distractions. It’s up to YOU to decide whether your going to overcome the challenges.

What is something you may have initially failed at, but overcame?

Be Bold. Be YOU. Be Infinite.


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