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Earth's Digital Twin

Human always tries to predict the future. Yes, it always helps to prepare when bad times come. that's why we have built forecasting systems that always help predict some aspects of the future. It helps save lives when a natural disaster strikes.

But this is not good enough because we are in the twenty-first century. We need something more accurate, more advanced and fast. So what the solution, Yes at age of Ai, Big data and IoT it is possible to make a digital twin of Earth.

Let's go to the direct technical aspects of this, keeping fantasy and sci-fi aside.

In our real world, we have satellite and millions and billion sensors which always monitor status like a seismic, moment, moisture, air, water, pressure and many more condition of the earth in real-time and this data is a direct feed to a global database using IoT. In nature, there are is no International boundaries so putting its aside and every country on earth share this data into the system so it is possible to build an Earth twin by using big data. Predicting whether more accurately using ai. further, if we also include data like dieses, traffic, production, agriculture and waste, it became more accurate and useful.
I think we can able to develop enough electronic and computer to make this model.


As we go to the application of it very fast is we can make a system that is more accurate in predicting forecast and disaster management. also, it is helped to plan air traffic and ocean traffic according to wether. because of more resolution of this model, we can able to forecast a very small band of a time so it very useful to plan things and this save millions of lives.
Many countries and tech giant already start working on it. for more you can go to internet you will find many things.

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