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Opportunity behind the problems.

[Problem] On hearing this word our mind starts to get confused and we think wtf. but
True is the problem always brings with it new opportunities.

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" The problem is not a problem until we think it is the problem."

Sometimes we have to just swift our perspective to see the things and by doing this we find some great idea to solve the problem.
Yes, the great idea means not always innovating something which is cutting edge technology things. the idea means it just a simple and logical solution to the problematic situation.

The solution is sometimes easy and maybe sometimes complex but it is always there behind the problem.

Evolution of human from stone-age to this twenty-first information age is not possible if a human is not able to solve their survival problem.
The human had a problem to travel so we invent a vehicle, the human had a problem to communicate long so we invent phones and communication devices and many more example on your hand.

Ya, we learn a lot about problems but it is just theory let's, deep dive to the more practical approach towards solving the problem and design the sustainable solution to it.

In the next post, we deeply discuss the solving problem, generating idea, design and make a product from it.

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