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Discussion on: JavaScript Influencers to Follow in 2021🤩

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The title is "javascript influencers to follow". Nothing to do with skin color or gender. It's about influence and Javascript. There are at least 3 people (and yes, one of them is a woman) who have more influence on me and I would put them on my list. But I didn't complain, because I'm not an author and the list is a personal opinion of an author, who put his time into that list.

What you could have done is make a comment, where you say "Thx for the list, here is my suggestion of people..."
In that way, you are providing some more content to the article.
When you say "you must be feeling very strongly about this", you are saying what? That I'm racist? Also that I'm scared of women and diversification. I mean, it is a joke.

We have 50% women in a company. Many of them are developers. Why would I care about that? As long as there are decent human beings and doing their job, they can be green aliens...

All I see is a list of individual influencers, nothing to do with team diversity, so I don't get why are you sending me these articles.

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Sylwia Vargas

It’s interesting that you view a genuine question about research process as complaining.

And, I just remarked on that you don’t engage with folks on this platform and then write a very vulgar comment. Both are indicators of strong emotions. That’s it ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Sylwia Vargas • Edited on

So what is it in talking about gender and people of color that “TRIGGERS” you?

(also, if you bothered to check my comments, you’d actually lose your bet)

And, again: a question about the research process and possible unconscious bias is not fighting, as much as it’s not complaining. It is a question on how decisions are made and as a tech writer myself, I know folks owe transparency on these issues to their readers.

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Thanks for bringing this topic up. It's an important point to make and I think deserves it's own article here! Yes it may cause some drama in the comments section, but we all need to know how to talk about touchy subjects constructively. Another point to bring up possibly, is 'confirmation bias'. Some people, whether knowingly or not, have little to no understanding or experience with racism or diversity, thus affecting their opinions on it. This problem of 'confirmation bias' exists in tech as well. Facebook or Youtube for example, want to keep you on their platform consuming content, so their algorithms will find stuff that you want to click on and hide stuff that you might not want to click on. This can very often lead to people living in an echo chamber, not necessarily of their own making, but very much encouraged by the various systems around us. It is up to us to not fall for that and keep an open, understanding mind. ... the more you know :)