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Discussion on: Finding joy in WordPress again, with React, Gatsby & GraphQL

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Markus Author

I'm actually not using that plugin at all. I went the route of gatsby-source-wordpress, but more on that in post 4 ;)

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Jordy Lee

Fair enough! Look forward to your series :)

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Peter Cruckshank

Oh man you should at least check out the new GraphQL plugin for WordPress! It's made by Gatsby 😍🍻
Either way I love Gatsby

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Jason Bahl • Edited on

Definitely check out WPGraphQL (! Gatsby's new WordPress Source plugin will deprecate support for the WP REST API and will use WPGraphQL on the WordPress Server.

You can read more about it here:

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Hi Jason,

What's the best way ? wait for the v4 or use the gastby-source-graphql plugin ?

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Jason Bahl

Like most things in tech: "It depends"

If you have something you need to deliver now, I'd probably suggest using WPGraphQL + Gatsby Source GraphQL.

If you're just experimenting and looking for long term structure, I'd probably wait for the new source plugin as that will have a lot of things specifically optimized for the Gatsby + WordPress experience.