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Discussion on: Is Lua Doomed?

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Mark Schafer

I'm fairly new to linux, having been a programmer in clipper5, (dos) for 25 years. First I tried languages that resembled clipper, but they were all dying out. Bash came next, which I'm good at, stumbled around python, rust, then I say a reference to lua. My first 10 minutes, I was just saying WOW.

Lua is the closest I've found to clipper, but then why wouldn't it be, both are written in ansi C. I had customized clipper to be a sudo multi threading system, so working in lua is my choice now. I only found it a few days ago, so I'm still experimenting. So many of the commands and statements are the same, which makes things easier.

I'm going to say that's as long as C Is a functional useful language, lua will exist.