Ruby from the outside, a short story of readability

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If you work with Ruby you can appreciate how easy it is to read, but what surprises me is how easy it is for others to read.

The other day I'm discussing solutions to a challenge with someone from marketing. The challenge? We want to send an email a user if they drop off while signing up to the website, but the emails need to be specific to the part of the journey that they drop off at.

Recently I had worked with the gibbon gem to overcome a challenge with MailChimp sign ups. Using gibbon for this challenge made sense, it's a gem we've used in the past and it can do what we need. So I show it to marketing, they're happy so let's move on...


In the morning I stumbled accress Heya from Honeybadger which appeared to do exactly what we needed out of the box.

This is where Ruby showed it's readability prowress. Within 10 seconds the marketing employee read through the example code, asked a few questions and agree it's what we needed to use.

Andy Dwyer in Parks and Rec

I was shocked, Ruby does read as plain English but I never thought of how well it reads.

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