Saying goodbye to jQuery... Have you? Will you? And what is your replacement?

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Put your hand up if your first experience with JavaScript came in the form of jQuery? 🙋‍♀️

Frontend development has seen some advances over the past few years, most notably JavaScript becoming a more enjoyable and usable language. This has caused developers, including the Bootstrap team to remove jQuery from their projects.

Bootstrap 5 will not feature jQuery.

Have you?

Yes! I'd say it's been 6 months since I last started a project with jQuery. There are still older sites that are using it, but nothing new that I've worked on has featured it.

Will you?

The only thing left to do is rewrite some of the older sites that are using jQuery.

What is your replacement?

90% of the JavaScript I write is in a Stimulus controller, but that is pure JavaScript in a nicely contained space.

I've been moving towards a more JavaScript in HTML workflow to replicate what you can do with React & Vue, to do this I've been using Alpine or when needed, Vue.

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