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re: I would recommend that you have a go with the API and see how far you get. Try going through this tutorial on sending SMS messages with Twilio in C...

Sorry for the very late reply! I have been studying the SMS API, but I do want to know if I could somehow submit a project that isn't 'fully' completed? What I mean is, there will be the implementation of the API, login system... however it won't be something that I would deploy for commercial use. Would it get me the participation badge atleast? Thank you!

In the rules it says:

Submissions must work as described in the repository's README and submission post.

So if your project doesn't have all the features that you wanted it to, but it can still do some things, then you only have to describe the bits that it does. And then it is a valid submission and you would eligible for the participant badge. 🙂

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