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I'm an introverted person so number one isn't really something that I can do rn in college haha but I do have people I look up to online (also here in Dev.to) for programming. But for the rest, I couldn't agree more! I would want to volunteer but in my place, there are rarely any communities to join and make projects. Was hoping to start one, but I focus in game dev but oh boy, if there was less people here that codes, there's even less people that are interested in game development. Somehow, I would still try, from reading your article. Glad to see another computer science student like me here!


Don't worry I too sometimes am an introvert (I'm both depending on my mood πŸ˜‚ but really sometimes I can be really shy), You don't have to have tons of friends, just a couple of quality ones. Plus many introverts are great programmers and students! If you're thinking of starting your own community, that sounds like a great idea. Maybe others feel the same as you do and will want to join you. Have you heard of googles Developer student club? One of my friends started one at my university and it is doing really well. If you're interested in starting one check out this link! developers.google.com/community/dsc

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