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How Hacktoberfest 2019 Gave Me That Drive To Push Forward With Programming Again

Yes, I know, I'm late at the party, but I think it's worth a shot to share my story.

It was January 31, 2020 that I received my Hacktoberfest Kit after finishing the event way back in November of 2019. It was a long process and the kit wasn't delivered directly at my house, so I needed to go 'somewhere' to get it.

So, when I did get a hold of the package, the only thing on my mind was: amazing!

Some might think that I'm too childish for my reaction. Getting a shirt (and a set of stickers) as a reward for completing 4 pull requests... right? Or nah?

But I didn't care. Finishing that four pull requests WITHOUT any knowledge about Github was some achievement I didn't know I could do. Even though, I did the most basic stuff just to finish the challenge (added a piece of code to someone's collection of codes, yeah, that's basically it), but in return, I learned how to use Github!

Opening the package, I was ecstatic about the shirt, that I never got to wear and just thought of displaying it at home (yes, crazy).

At the end though, it wasn't the shirt that made me happy.

It was the thought of getting a reward after doing something so hard and almost impossible.

I used to belittle that thought like, 'Should I buy a candy bar after finishing a program? That's so lame, man.' but after Hacktoberfest, I got the deeper sense of things.

Developers, especially those who are starting out, shouldn't ignore these kind of things.

I think that was the starting point, as of why I got this motivation to go learn programming again. It made me do things this year that I never thought I'll do.

  • I created a account to post stuff.
  • Took a course about C#
  • Actually started making small programs

The rewards that you'll get isn't necessarily need to be something physical. What you want to get is that feeling of getting something accomplished.

Have you experienced something similar like this? Let me know!

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