How Would I Go Teach Programming Online?

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I want to actually do something to finally start gaining experience with programming and slowly build my portfolio (my planned for my supposed internship this year has been scrapped because of this crisis happening).

And as a way to do that, I thought of teaching someone what I know for a small price. I've read numerous articles about how you teach programming to people/students but I'm still not sure how will I do that... as a college student. I would try it as a part time job for the mean time if ever.

I am aware that I'm already far from the beginner stage but I'm kinda skeptical about it. But I wanna do something right now in order to not waste anytime while school's out.

Is it okay though? What tools do I need to use? Should I just apply for a company that hires part time coding instructors or I should do it on my own?

I'm best with C# and HTML/CSS, but I can also manage with Python and Java. I also know Scratch and Unity since I do game development (a reason why I haven't made any side projects yet!). Not sure which of those can I teach.

I need some advice regarding this. Thank you.

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Why not just stream some coding tutorials, for free, to get started? It'll help build your confidence, will help get you into the rhythm of teaching, and people can't have any expectations because you're not charging.


I guess I would have to try, but I'm really prone to slip-ups and stuff. I've read now that live stream coding is becoming a 'thing' and helped a lot of people so thanks for the suggestion. (i would just fix my setup first before doing so!) But I really need a way to earn a few bucks right now (because of this crisis right now). I don't know how would I do that though. Is there any way? Or should I give time for this?


but I'm really prone to slip-ups and stuff.

What do you mean? Making mistakes while you're coding?

But I really need a way to earn a few bucks right now (because of this crisis right now).

The trouble is, you'd be competing with some big players who already have a following and, not to be critical, but you may find it difficult to get people to pay you if you're not an experienced dev. I would focus on learning yourself, and getting used to streaming, rather than trying to make money.

Maybe try something like fiverr if you need to make some cash?

Yeah, but maybe it's just the doubts I'm having.

You have a point there. I'm kinda overwhelmed on how 'competitive' it is on this field. Experience is really valuable, I guess. I have Fiverr but it's been ages and I haven't got anything from it.

I might go learn for a month and see any changes from there. Thank you for the help!

Try not to worry about the "slip ups", all developers make mistakes, regardless of seniority, just like every developer can always learn from another developer regardless of level.

Try not to rush into the industry. Maybe just do some projects for friends and/or family. People are going to be reluctant to pay a non-seasoned engineer.