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Discussion on: College is still better for coding

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martin rojas Author

You are correct that having the right teacher makes all of the difference. To your other point Tech moves so quickly that if you are a year out of any school the code you learned has evolved and all of these things are the ones that you need to keep up. It's the fundamental basics of computer science that give you the understanding to pick up a book and understand it that you get from going to college.

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Haris Secic

Again, can't agree having different experience. College in my case had different influence. I picked up things on my own because it didn't provide me what I was searching for. They were more like bootcamp. They did change plan and program couple of years after I left but they definitely did not provide what you're talking about at that time. So it's not only teachers that played the role in there but also college itself. I saw this with many colleges and you need to dive a bit deeper to understand such issue. Maybe MIT, Stanford, Berkley, and such are better than any job experience but in most cases it's opposite. If you go with "good college" than you're limiting how many people can benefit from it since not many can get there. I've been playing with computers since I was like 9, and always wanted to work with it. I've been to 12 different companies now and worked with all sorts of profiles of people. College was the least of influence on how good someone was. In fact most of those who went to good college were too arrogant to understand new technology as they were too good to use such thing. I'm saying that fundamentals are not thought as good as you think in college, and sometimes they are in fact wrong.