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Discussion on: Why I turned down a job opportunity from Amazon last year

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Marvin Danig • Edited

Hey Abdullah, sorry to hear about your harrowing experience with publishing. :-(

We can take up printing your work(s) on our service if that works for you. As an immigrant myself, I understand what it means to feel voiceless against a large US corporation, especially outside of US. I'm particularly sorry for you to not be able to reach your audiences through actions of the middlemen!

Feel free to connect on mail marvin[Æ]bubblin[·]io and I also recommend you take a look at our open source book publishing tools that will help you go further than anything else.

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Abdullah Ali Author • Edited

Hey, thanks for reaching out to me! I'm definitely going to check it out now.

Slightly off-topic: Just from reading the FAQ, I can say that I completely approve of the use of service workers to cache complete books while the user is offline. It's the perfect choice for your platform's functionality. I really respect that. :)

Edit: just tried Bookiza, and I'm getting an error:

Arcvalues & package json unavailable Error: Did not find the arc!

After some debugging, I had to do this to get it to work: echo '{}' > ~/.bookizarc

Now let me see about exporting my story from Ghost 2.0's mobiledoc to your format. :)

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Lewis Cowles

You got my sign-up too. I'm not an author (perhaps I aspire to be), but I really love the outreach and the promotion of OpenSource and usage of serviceworker for optimistic offline support (doesn't assume bad-actors)