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Beautiful Blog Design Templates For Your WordPress Blog

As of 2021, an estimated 570 million blogs exist globally. Awestruck! In the enormous blogging world, how to become a successful blogger?

No worries! To become an expert blogger needs quality content and a captivating blog design. A good template is creative and original with a clear structure, enticing colors, and space for text. To make it happen, you need beautiful blog templates, suggestions, and news with a perfect layout.

Nowadays, people are more attracted to what they see. We understand that it is difficult to find the best blog templates. Each blogger has their own taste which is why we are here, to give you our expertise of the best blog templates. The right blog design template can elevate your writing from good to great! This blog will provide a list of a few splendid blog design templates that you can integrate into your WordPress blog effortlessly.

Best Blog Design Templates For WordPress

1. Boxy Clean Blog Template

Boxy Clean is one of the famous blog templates of the blog designer pro WordPress plugin. The template Boxy Clean is like a grid layout that looks stunning on every website’s blog page. This template leads a user to showcase Blog’s title, with short content to captivate the readers to read the full article.

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The Boxy Clean has 3 types of variation that a user can easily import and add to the site. It contains social media buttons, author name tags, category & tag details, etc. Blog Designer Pro WordPress plugin has plenty of customization options that a user can easily modify according to the requirements.

2. Famous Blog Template

Famous Blog Template is another popular blog template that bloggers mostly use on their blogging sites. This template has three variations in design in a grid layout. A user can add 2-3 columns and rows with elegant designs.

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Moreover, a user can also customize various things such as author name, content, etc to present on the blog page. If you want to showcase several blog posts elegantly, then this is the right template for you.

3. Minimal Grid Blog Template

Minimal Grid Blog as its term suggests that this template is based on the grid layout. This template has 2 and 3 column designs with lots of functionalities that a user can modify from the dashboard.

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This template has additional features that a user can showcase the impression and comment icons of each blog post. Also, the social media buttons are available when your viewers click on the plus (+) icon. With the customization menus, a user can modify the various things to change the blog design varients.

4. Glossary Blog Template

Glossary Blog Template is a masonry design layout that shows your post in an eye-catching way to your blog page. Unlike the other grid layouts, this layout has not had a fixed height and uses the spaces that occurred on the web page.

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A user can show the post in 2 or 3 columns and change the look and feel of the various things from the dashboard by clicking a few buttons. This template has 3 alternative designs that you can directly import to your site.

5. Boxy Blog Template

Boxy is another most used Masonry blog template by WordPress bloggers. It has 3 different designs with the options of 2 or 3 columns and various color combinations to the blog post. Apart from the glossary blog template, it has read more buttons after the short blog post content.

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The attributes such as author name, social media buttons, tag or categories details, a user can hide/unhide from the backend easily.

6. Roctangle Blog Template

Roctangle is one of our amazing blog templates for bloggers. In that, the images are slightly tilted on the blog page with masonry designs. It attracts website visitors instantly. This template is also available with the 3 designs and a user can display 2-3 columns as they have dreamt about their blog page.

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This template has a common design in that the date is shown on the corner of the image in a round shape. Moreover, a user can also show a heart icon that shows how many users like the post.

7. Timeline Blog Template

Timeline layout is a famous design for showing the author’s biography, history of the company, achievements, etc. With the timeline, complex details are shown in an effective and interesting way that is easily understood by the audience. It also creates a fascinating look for the blog post.

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This vertical timeline template has 3 alternative designs with different color combinations. The plugin has various customization factors that a user can use to change the look of the blog post.

Check out source URL for more attractive templates>>> Beautiful Blog Design Templates For Your WordPress Blog

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