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How To Clean Up Your WordPress Media Library?

Mary Martin
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In WordPress Media Library the website owners can store all the images, PDFs, and other media files. If a plethora of files are put up in the database then the file system gets more crowded. Probably, it will increase the cost of storage space and decrease your website performance because the browser will take time to download multiple copies of the same image.

Here, in this article, we will demonstrate the ways to easily clean up your WordPress media library. To begin with, some reasons related to the importance of cleaning up the WordPress Media Library.

Why Clean Up the WordPress Media Library Is Essential?

WordPress makes several copies of media files that put a load on your website. And after some time this leads to a number of files in the database that are not used anywhere on your WordPress website. Without a doubt, it is easy to upload images, PDFs, and various other files that can become cluttered on your website. Moreover, the Media Library can become messy with duplicate files and other files that are no longer used on the website.

So, cleaning up your WordPress media library maintains disk space on your hosting server, and decreases backup sizes. That helps you to save your money after hosting space.

1. Resize Your Website Images

HTTP Archive depicts that around 64% of a website’s weight consists of images. Uploading smaller size images rather than putting larger images on your Media Library can help you to raise the available space on your web server. Apart from this, images can have a vital effect on the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website.

It will help to enhance your website speed for both on the front as well as back end. If you can reduce the size of images without affecting the image quality, then it will positively impact web page load speed and boost the user experience on your websites.

2. Decrease Number of Used Storage

The amount of storage space for your website will always depend on your hosting plan. For you, it is really essential to limit or decrease the used storage due to larger media uploaded files to your website. Because it will ultimately reduce your website functionalities. For providing a better user experience you have to decrease your used database storage on your website.

Let me give you an example, the more files that you upload on your website will take a long time to load on the different web browsers. It can slow down your website speed. Perhaps, visitors leave your website and never come back again.

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