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Why You Need A Product Video For Magento 2 Store?

Videos are one of the best ways to convey messages to your customers. They reduce efforts on the client-side and make sure your message is reached to the people well. This is why people have been using this amazing method to promote their products. And eCommerce has gotten a lot creative with it. There are brands out there that are using customer testimonials, tutorials, and unboxing videos to promote their products. This new way of promotion is helping them improve their sales and also benefitting in long run.

So, if you are thinking about letting go of the old-fashioned way of showcasing your product through pictures, this blog is for you. We are giving away some best tips for Magento 2 product video, along with some handy tools and plugins to give you a head start in your new marketing journey.

Why You Must Choose Product Videos?

Videos are more complex than pictures and this stops many enterprises to use them.

They are new and unusual but there sure are some advantages of using this technique. If you own an eCommerce site you can imagine the challenges of keeping your customers engaged.

The first challenge, without saying to make people touch and provide them a shopping experience just like the one in a physical store. Videos thus help you demonstrate your products better and increases your chances of a sale. Using videos creatively for tutorials, customer testimonials, etc. too helps you in improving your customer experience.

Comparatively, videos are more impactful than images. We all are aware of the popularity of YouTube. The information becomes much easier to perceive as there are visuals that support the words. Visuals play an important role in our lives, they help you engage your users for more time and also provide the needed information in an easy form.

Here is why Magento 2 product videos are important. All piqued up to know all about adding a product video to your Magento 2 store? Here is a great blog.

It Increases Trust For Product And Brand

Establishing trust in your customers is a bit tough deal. Top global brands have to face this problem and when a new customer comes to purchase from you have to make sure it happens. This would prevent you from losing important leads, converting them, and building a loyal base.

The first impression and your every impression should be great. For that you have to make sure the products are well perceived by the buyers, they know how it is going to add value in their lives.

For that, you cannot depend only on the pictures. You have to add some videos which have some reviews on the product that show them the size of the product, the usability, how it can be used, and more. Most people feel more confident about purchasing an item when they have seen the product in a video form.

Product Videos Help Increase Conversion Rates

People don’t usually waste their time when a product is not able to convince them. They need information such as size, durability, product usability, and more. Easier you make for people to make a decision the much faster it would be the conversion. Product videos are a great tool for you to reduce customer efforts. They help you in the customer understanding how the product is going to make their life easier.

Also, videos make it easier for your customers to remember the small details. Stats help customers to have a better impression of brand products and buy them. Statistically, product videos give you a 70% more conversion rate.

This unique way of selling can help you in the market and people would always come to your eCommerce site as they know they would be able to sort the products much easier and buy them.

Higher Engagement

Most people know that product videos are a good engagement point, but not many people know that they are a great way to make your websites search-friendly. Although videos are easier to comprehend as we mentioned above, it takes them more time to create them as compared to images.

Educating your customers and products at the same time can be a great way to hold their attention. But since people remain for a longer time on your website, the search engines translate your website to someone that provides quality content and gives the customers all the information they need.

Improved customer experience and higher engagement can help you in search engine optimization and improving your site ranking. It is a great opportunity for you to get an upper hand in the competition.

Product Videos Help You Win Mobile Users

E-commerce is a huge thing. People use their mobile phones all the time to purchase products. Shopping is no longer just about having a laptop or desktop, people are shopping from their phones. Mobile users are using eCommerce sites to buy products.

To leverage that opportunity having a responsive site is not enough. You need to go a step ahead and use more creative options such as product videos. This should make your website get discovered faster for mobile users. And also present the online shoppers with the right products that they can buy. Apart from products, videos are watched widely by smartphone users.

Also, since most of the online shoppers are youngsters they are more likely to shop using their smartphones, and optimizing the experience by keeping them at the center of the focus would help you get more sales. Try short video information and you are sure to experience some increase in your sales significantly.

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