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Discussion on: How to securely store JWT tokens.

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Pau Ramon Revilla

If you are storing your JWT tokens in the cookies because they are secure enough... Why do you need JWT to start with? Just store the data in the cookie, no?

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George Koniaris Author

Hi there,

If you store data in a cookie, as JSON for example, how would you validate that the data sent to your server is valid? I mean, everybody could just create a JSON representation of a user, send it through an HTTP cookie and then they would be allowed to performed authorized actions in your web application. But I think that you refer to the case that you want to access the data of the JWT in the frontend.

The examples of these articles assume that you don't need access to the JWT in the frontend (I mean access like getting the full name of the user using the JWT or something like this) and that this kind of JWT is used only for authentication purposes, to make it easier for the backend devs to validate that the user is logged in without performing queries or using sessions in the traditional way. For frontend access to the profile of the user, I prefer to get this data from a /me or /profile endpoint, as it's always up to date and I don't have to mess with decoding JWT in the frontend too.

Does this answer make sense to your question, or did I get something wrong?