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Discussion on: Dangerous consequences of being a 10x engineer

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Mateusz Borowiak

It's an interesting theory and has some valid points, however I wonder how acurate it is, especially the part regarding brain capability and limiting yourself from being human being when spending all the rpg points on specific skill - not really sure if there is such relation between acting like a human, which is kind of natural and biological thing, and acquired skills.

Perhaps its as plain as some people are naturally more social and are capable of coding while others are less social but also can are good at coding. Also there are definitely some people who are extremely introvert but also suck in coding. It's hard to see any relationship here if you ask me.

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Miloslav Voloskov Author

There are in fact some preconditions like being an introvert, but my point is that you can’t spend everything on your skill and still act and think like a living human being. If you’re skilled and still a human, you still have some RPG points left.

Every act of human conversation implies exploration and thus spending points so you need them there.

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Clint Buhs

I agree. This struck me as the speculation of a layperson more than the yield of any rigorous study of human brain development.