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A Rubber Duck

For the uninitiated: This is a debugging duck. When you can't figure out why the code isn't working, you grab the duck, face them toward the monitor, and step by step, explain the code to the duck.

The thinking being, when you hear yourself speak the error aloud, you will know what to fix.

My duck has saved me from several headaches.


I like to have a notebook. Most days, I use a sketchbook and Dave Seah's mini Emergent Task Planner. Even though I spend so much time with the computer, there is something more that I get from writing things down.


Oh yeah, I didn't think to mention a notebook and writing utensils. I've gotten back into bullet journaling, so I splurged on a 5 by 8.25in hard bound gridded paper notebook. I did not invest in a good pen, but I do have a cool looking pen that I designate for writing with.

Post-its and sharpies are also a must-have!


I guess I'm minimalist bullet journaling with my sketchbook and regular pen - gridded paper sounds nice.

What do you do with the post-its and sharpies, Shannon? Do you put next up tasks on the wall?

I use some post-its for next up tasks. I also find them handy for making quick notes while on the phone, etc, that I can later transfer to my journal if needed.


Having a nice mousepad was a splurge I didn't think I needed but ended up really liking. It was affordable, keeps my mouse from getting as gummy and its aesthetically pleasing. Mine has a galaxy print.

Other things that have improved my workday are having a Spotify subscription (we splurge on Spotify Premium) and having a glass for water (I took one from home). Glass meaning, an actual glass, not plastic. Something about drinking from glass feels so much nicer.


Hey, You need to be able to hear your teammates screaming at you when you break the build! And trust me a mechanical keyboard makes a lot of noise and everyone will have a joke to say behind your back.


Or a teammate could send you a message via slack instead. And what matters is the dev's happiness, screw everyone elses.


I bought some really nice headphones and they make my day better. My real joy is a big collection of office plants, though


I got myself a nice desk lamp. Something like one of these which lets you control the brightness, angle and colour temperature. I can turn it to face the wall and set it to warm white in the evenings or to cool white, angled down to read paperwork during overcast days.

I found these when I worked in a shared space over a cafe for a while; they had a few long tables with one at every seat and I was so impressed that I ordered one while I sat there. I used to have one of those green glass bankers' lamps but this is much nicer, and it has a (1A) USB charging port on it which is handy too.

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