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Create TRC20 Token - Best Blockchain Business Idea For Startups & Entrepreneurs

Mathew Broman
Crypto dude who talks about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency on the Internet.
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In this modern times, many people are already aware of crypto tokens and blockchain. These both innovative technologies are claiming the major place in most platforms. In the world of blockchain, the crypto token is not a new term. In the marketplace, each crypto token has unique functionalities, and also the price will differ.

As we know, after the arrival of the Ethereum blockchain, many people started to create ERC20 tokens on the top of the ethereum network. Like Ethereum, there is a popular token development platform - Tron.

TRON is a well-known token development platform to create TRC20 tokens. It is a stable blockchain platform and was first introduced by Justin sun in September 2017.

The founder of Tron says that if they can achieve the goal they have set out, then 2021 might the year for Tron.

The major advantage of Tron is it can handle more than 2000 transactions per second. This network primarily aims to give ownership of user data. Tron blockchain has its own token in the global market for all crypto token traders.

What is Tron Token?

Tron tokens are basically created on the top of the Tron blockchain network. One can not mine Tron tokens. but one can buy, sell, or trade Tron tokens on any crypto trading platform. The most interesting fact is, Tron token was first launched in the ICO token sale platform. But unfortunately, the token issuers raised the funds about $70 million. In the global market, the Tron token is named as TRX. The current price of the Tron token(TRX) in the crypto market is $0.048. At this current time, some Tron blockchain-based crypto tokens are the best in the marketplace. Such as

  • NOLE
  • WINk
  • SEED
  • TERC
  • NoleWater

and more...

These Tron blockchain-powered crypto tokens can perform instant and secure transactions. Apart from this, the Tron network provides full freedom for programmers to create and deliver Tron tokens. But the essential thing is, the functions of Tron-based crypto tokens do not differ from ethereum and bitcoin.

Creating the Tron-based crypto tokens will help you to raise the funds quickly in the token sales platform. Also, one can get many beneficial factors through developing a Tron token. That’s why creating the Tron-based crypto token is the best blockchain business idea for startups and entrepreneurs.

Now, let us look at…

Types of Tron Tokens

In the current global market, there are two main types of Tron tokens. So, one can create two types of Tron-based crypto tokens and raise funds. Such as TRC10 tokens and TRC20 tokens.

TRC10 Tokens

TRC stands for Tron Request Comments. TRC10 is a Tron token standard and it was first launched on the Tron mainnet. TRC10 tokens are created under the powerful Tron network without depending on the TRON virtual machine. TRC10 standard tokens are mostly compatible with all the bitcoin wallet applications.

As of now, the Tron-based token that you see in the marketplace are mostly TRC10 standard tokens. Because TRC10 standard tokens are easy to create on the Tron network. One of the interesting facts about the TRC10 token standard is, this technical standard is already used in big projects like BitTorrent Token (BTT).

In general, the TRC10 standard has a flexible blockchain and it helps developers to create a secure TRC10 token easily. By seeing the hidden perks of TRC10 standard tokens, many people approached the TRC10 token development company to develop a TRC10 token to raise funds.

TRC20 Token

TRC20 is a native token standard of the Tron blockchain. TRC20 tokens are one of the prominent tokens in the marketplace. Also, these tokens are becoming the primary focus for crypto token enthusiasts. Generally, the TRC20 is a technical standard that is based on the implementation of smart contracts when using the Tron blockchain to create and launch a TRC20 token.

TRC20 standard tokens help traders and investors to perform secure token transactions in a risk-free manner. Do you know one interesting fact about TRC20 tokens?. TRC20 standard tokens are the favorite crypto tokens for traders and investors in the crypto space.

However, the TRC20 token standard is far similar to the ERC20 token standard. TRC20 standard is useful for the creation of TRC20 tokens with the help of the Tron Virtual Machine. The TRC20 standard token can implement extra logic that is absent in the TRC10 standard tokens.

Apart from this, TRC20 standard tokens have a high energy level & bandwidth capacity compared to TRC10 standard tokens. That’s why many startups and entrepreneurs are willing to create TRC20 tokens and approaching the finest TRC20 token development company to create a secure TRC20 token.

Difference Between TRC10 vs TRC20 Tokens

Now, let us see the difference between TRC10 tokens and TRC20 tokens with an informative comparison table.

Alt Text

These are major differences between TRC10 and TRC20 tokens. Among these types of Tron tokens, the TRC20 token is more functional and has lots of benefits when compared to TRC10. Thus, many people are preferring to create TRC20 token. You may ask How to Create TRC20 token?. Just you need to approach the leading and ideal Tron Token Development company in the blockchain market.

Tron Token Wallet App Development

After creating a TRC20 token or TRC10 token, you will need a Tron token wallet app. This token wallet app helps users to send, receive, and transfer their Tron tokens. By creating a Tron token wallet app, you can grab more Tron token holders from the crypto market.

Also, the Tron token wallet helps to monitor the TRC20 tokens and TRC10 that are present in the wallet. Without having a Tron token wallet app, creating a TRC20 token will be meaningless. Thus, there is a huge demand for the best Tron token wallet app development company to create an outstanding Token wallet mobile app for android and IOS.

Wrapping up

At this current time, creating a Tron(TRC20) token is the best idea for budding startups and entrepreneurs. It would help you to raise millions of funds effectively and also helps you to enter the blockchain market easily. You can either create a TRC20 token or else a TRC10 token. The choice is yours and it is completely based on your business need. But currently, TRC20 standard tokens are mostly used in some sectors like supply chain management, financial services, real estate, and insurance.

So, choose the best Tron token standard type before leaping into Tron token development. Hire an experienced developer team from the reputed blockchain development company in the industry for launching a secure Tron token on a budget and to get 24x7 technical customer support.

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Fares Almoghrabi

I have a question please
So after creating the coin, how is it sold and where?

mathew_b profile image
Mathew Broman Author • Edited

Firstly, I hope you know the differences between a crypto coin (BTC, ETH, TRX) and a crypto token(ERC20, TRC20). They may have similar functionalities, but they are used for different purposes in many cases.

Secondly, Crypto tokens can be sold, when you have launched an ICO and initiated a token sale. Start with a business plan, create tokens, launch an ICO, approach crypto trading platforms, and finally work on the marketing strategies. cheers!

f_almoghrabi profile image
Fares Almoghrabi

Thank you. Can you send some links that talk about these stations, specifically about the ICO