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Discussion on: Svelte. What is your opinion about the lightweight JS framework?

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Matías López Díaz

Mmmh I don't if I can call it complex or simple, because, for example, we need lightweight pieces on our platform like WebRTC, which in itself is too complex and consume a lot of CPU, but it's not an app with a lot of pages, components, and reactivity. In that context we use Vue, but recently with Svelte, we saw that the performance was improved 10x or 20x and CPU consumption was 20x lower (DOM update).

Also, our widget is integrated on our customer's websites and the bandwidth consumption was reduced 15x lower than with Vue. (bundle size)

So, for us, Svelte is truly awesome for that type of uses cases.

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Dennis Frijlink Author

Nice to know! Thanks for your reply

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