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Hello World,

I'm super happy to join this awesome Community.

Something about me: I took my first steps as a dev a lot of years ago, because I wanted to write an app. And I don't know which stupid Blog-Post I read, but somehow I got into learning C. Time has passed since then and over the year, I learned a lot about Java and JavaScript. Currently I'm most passionate about React, Angular and Node.Js. And everything Cloud-native related like Docker, GCP, Heroku and Kubernetes.

During my freetime, I actually code as much as I can. Other than that I like Magic the gathering, Warhammer and all kinds of Sports games on PS4. Full-time nerd confirmed.

Currently I'm working on a Blog, that I want to release soon. My plan is to write Coding-Tutorials using examples including my own super heroes. Doing that I want to develop a story around the heroes as well as the applications created by the tutorials. How does that sound to you? Would you actually be interested in reading that? I'm excited to get some Feedback!

Looking forward to get in touch with some nice devs here. Have a great weekend!

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