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Best Resources for Learning Elixir

matt24ray on July 27, 2018

I'm putting a lot of time into Elixir. I would love anyone's tips, advice, tutorials, or guides they might recommend. Thanks!

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IMHO there is no way to learn a language reading books.

Do code. Make your own blog in Elixir. Try to answer questions on StackOverflow. Rewrite any of your existing code from any other language to Elixir.

Reading books is a cool way to rest.


I second Elixir School as a great resource for the fundamentals of the language. The Little Elixir and OTP Guidebook also really helped me solidify my understanding of OTP and the power of the underlying Erlang VM.

I'm also currently building an open source website creation platform in Elixir (just announced the beta preview) and I'm planning on writing a bunch of hands-on articles on about building web services in Elixir.


I'd say the official document is a very good place to start. But perhaps even better is is a great introduction to Elixir!

After you've gotten a taste there's a lot of other books on Elixir over at


I tend to write a lot about Elixir as Iā€™m learning too!


I've made a lot of screencasts to help people learn Elixir on Alchemist Camp and so far close to a hundred of them are free.


Search for a nearby elixir meetup, and connect with some friendly people. They may help guide you on your path to learning elixir.


For anyone searching, I made a guide to the best currently available resources:

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