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Just a regular guy... I'm definitely not a robot *sprouts oil leak*. I like Go, Node, Python, and Web Technologies. I'd be happy to be your friend.

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Software Engineer at DigitalOcean

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From Docker to Docker compose way!

Excellent quick reference! Thanks for your contribution!

Dockerize & Backup A Postgres Database

πŸ“– -- i did not anticipate learning this when i started down t...

Dockerize & Backup A Postgres Database

The answer is........ i thought it was a pretty steeple lol ...

Basics of MongoDB


Google Search themed portfolio website

I love this

Rethinking Gameboards

Very clearly thought out. Love the design.

Rethinking Gameboards

I had the same thought and see no reason it wouldn’t be able ...

I built the entire universe in JavaScript

really wonderful project. i just started toying with it and i...

6 Ways to Host Your React JS App For Free

Great list! Another one you might be interested in looking in...

Using WebSockets with React

Clear, concise and useful! Thanks for sharing. As others have...

React - Combining useMemo and Switch

Super simple and explains a great deal. Thanks!

Deploy and automatically provision SSL certs on a Node.js server with Traefik and Docker.

I love this!

Implement a simple chat queue in JavaScript


Illustrated JS: Promises

Really excellent post :) Thank you.

What's the easiest way to create a content based static website

Netlify is also a great tool for deploying static sites! Sorr...

What's the easiest way to create a content based static website is a splendid tool :)