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Discussion on: Microservices communications. Why you should switch to message queues.

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Matteo Joliveau Author • Edited

Ideally, your broker will never be unavailable.
I know, this is silly because we don't live in an ideal world, but you should consider your broker a supporting service similar to a database or email sender.
In a cloud environment it is best to have the broker set up as a managed service (e.g. Amazon SQS) or in a high-availability cluster separated from your core application (Rabbit supports clustering as a primary feature).

If by any chance your broker actually went down, it is an unexpected crisis that must be dealt with depending on your project and infrastructure. Your services are allowed to ungracefully die (but it is always best to implement some failover, by logging the issue and halting operations while the service attempt to reconnect, maybe with some exponential backoff) in this case because it's a disaster situation and not an operational incident.