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Once I've read a similar article, yes the RFC is not implemented correctly nowhere ( beside your library now I guess 😉), but a user with a special email will have more serious trouble than registering to your site, since basically nothing on the web will allow that email to be used ( or created in the first place)


That problem will fade as more web developers integrate my library! ;-)


Wait, wait, wait... your library?
I'm calling the :oncoming_police_car:

Because you have been so successful in framing your advertising post as an informational post that I took the bait.
Fortunately, police don't care about truth or justice, they just want to inflict some damage. This is the rare case when they're just what the doctor ordered.

I'm not advertising, I'm explaining. There is a lot of advertising on DEV. I'm not a company. I don't care how many people know my software. I don't sell anything to anyone.

Please complain to actual advertisers instead.

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