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I worked in (several) large corporates for many years and I didn't liked it at all.
Anything was restricted, I had no possibilities to choose my dev environment, things were blocked by firewalls (e.g. GitHub, NPM or DockerHub) and I was not allowed to visit conferences or workshops. Everything was prohibited because of company guidelines.
Once, my boss told me I wasn't allowed to visit a conference because he thought people use it as a vacation.

However, I'm working in a small company (approximately 30 people) since 1 1/2 years and things changed for me. The bosses do their best to provide the best environment as possible. Free choice of hardware, we can decide which tooling we're using. Conferences and workshops are no problem, because they want us to have a good knowledge about things. My employer even gave me the possibility to visit DockerCon in San Francisco this year (I am from Germany by the way).

So I would always prefer smaller companies over (large) corporates.

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